Can I get fleet insurance with just 3 cars?

Yes. Many insurers consider a ‘fleet’ to be just two or three vehicles. This means that fleet insurance is generally available to you even if your business has a small number of vehicles.

Another major benefit of fleet insurance is that policies are flexible to cover a range of different types of vehicle. For example, you may be a small business with a company car and two delivery vans. A fleet insurance policy could be appropriate for you even though you have a number of different vehicles.

Most policies will allow you to cover different types of car, van or truck under the same policy. Many policies allow you to combine both private and commercial vehicles to create a fleet insurance policy. And, you can often combine different levels of cover. For example, you may want to insure your cars on a ‘third party only’ basis and your vans on a ‘comprehensive’ basis.

So, whether you have two vehicles or over a hundred, you may save time and money by insuring them all on a fleet policy. As well as reducing the amount of paperwork and hassle, fleet cover can also help you to reduce the cost of your car or commercial vehicle insurance.