Can I insure any driver? Is there a minimum age? Can we insure drivers aged under 21?

Most fleet insurance policies are arranged on an ‘any driver’ basis. This means that any driver – or any driver over a specified age – is insured to drive a vehicle in your fleet.

However, many insurers will restrict cover to drivers over a certain age. This varies from insurer to insurer but is typically age 21 or age 25. If you have drivers that are younger than this, you may have to shop around for a policy that covers younger drivers.

Some insurers will provide ‘any driver’ cover to drivers over a specified age but will let you add a younger driver on a ‘named’ basis. For example, your fleet insurance policy might cover any driver over the age of 25 and one named driver aged 19. You will generally have to pay an additional premium for this.

Bear in mind that if you want to include younger drivers on your fleet insurance policy – typically those under the age of 21 –then it is likely that your premiums will be higher. Younger drivers are considered more of a risk than more experienced drivers and so your premiums will normally be higher if you want to cover drivers under the age of 21.

When you shop around for fleet insurance you should check:

  • Whether the policy you are considering has a minimum age. If so, establish what that age is, particularly if you have under 21s that you want to insure
  • Whether it is possible to add named, younger drivers to the policy
  • Whether any driver is covered under the policy or whether you have to name the drivers you want to cover

Fleet insurance can be a great way to save time and money when insuring your business vehicles. However, always take care if you have younger employees that you want to add to your policy.