Can we buy fleet insurance for our private, family cars?

This depends on the type of policy you have. Fleet insurance is specifically designed to help business owners insure their various company vehicles. Whether you are a small business with three cars/vans or you are a multi-million pound enterprise with hundreds of vehicles, a fleet insurance policy can help you. It allows you to insure all your vehicles through one policy, saving you time and money.

In order to include a vehicle under a fleet insurance policy, it must typically be registered in your company’s name or in the name of a partner or director of the company. Indeed, business owners will often include their own car on a fleet insurance policy along with other commercial vehicles owned by the business.

However, a fleet insurance policy will typically not allow you to insure the private cars of people who are not directors of partners of the business. This means that you often can’t include your employee’s private cars on a policy if they aren’t a director or partner. Similarly, you can rarely include your spouse or child’s car on a fleet insurance policy if they are not a director or partner of the business.

Some insurers do offer ‘family fleet’ policies. This type of cover lets you add a number of cars and drivers to the same insurance policy. As well as a single policy and single renewal date for your cover, you will generally benefit from a discounted rate on the total cost of your insurance. This is particularly true if you have more cars than drivers covered under your policy.

Alternatively, you can consider a standard car insurance policy or a ‘multi-car’ insurance policy designed to provide cover for a number of cars under one family policy.

If you want to insure various family members on a fleet insurance policy it’s important that you find the cover that’s right for you. Many fleet cover schemes will only insure vehicles owned by a business partner/director and so make sure you find the appropriate cover for your needs.