Fleet insurance for commercial vans and trucks

A police study has estimated that over 47,000 light goods vehicles are stolen every year in the UK, equal to over £150 million in lost assets. If you run a business that has multiple commercial vehicles – even if you just have a couple of vans – then fleet insurance can be a great way of protecting your valuable business assets.

Fleet insurance lets you cover all your commercial vehicles – from cars and vans to trucks, tippers and HGVs – under one policy. Instead of insuring all your commercial vehicles individually, a fleet insurance policy gives you:

  • One renewal date
  • One point of contact and a specialist fleet advisor at your insurer
  • One payment

Rather than filling in multiple forms to insure each of your vehicles you can cover them all under one policy. While this is of huge benefit to you if you have a large fleet of vehicles, you can also take advantage of this cover if you have just two or three vehicles. And, as a business owner, you can often insure your own car under the same policy.

Your insurance may be one of your largest business expenses and commercial fleet insurance can help you to cut costs. Fleet cover allows you to effectively buy your insurance in bulk and an insurer will often offer you a discount for covering multiple vehicles under their policy.

Commercial fleet insurance also lets you tailor your cover to each vehicle. For example, you may have high value vans or cars that you want to ensure are comprehensively covered. However, you may have lower value vehicles for which ‘third party’ cover is sufficient.

Fleet insurance also allows you to bolt on other cover specific to your business. Many insurers will let you include fire and theft, goods in transit or legal expenses cover to ensure you are fully protected. Others will provide a replacement vehicle if you rely on your commercial vehicles being on the road at all times.

Whether you are a small business with a handful of commercial vehicles or you are a multi-million pound enterprise with hundreds of vans and HGVs, fleet insurance could be suitable for you. Not only does it make it easier to administer your insurance but it also helps you tailor a policy to your specific needs. And, it can save you money.