What Are The Benefits Of Fleet Insurance

Do you use a number of different vehicles for your business? Perhaps you have a fleet of company cars or you use a number of delivery vans? Or perhaps you run a haulage business and you have a number of HGVs?

Fleet insurance lets you cover all your company’s vehicles under one insurance policy. And, you don’t have to be a huge multi-million pound business to benefit from this type of cover. Many insurers class two or more vehicles as a ‘fleet’ and will offer preferential terms for your car or van insurance. You can even cover different types of vehicle under the same policy.

There are two main benefits to fleet insurance:

1. It can save you time

If you own a business with a number of vehicles it can be time-consuming and complicated to insure them all separately. Your various policies may all provide slightly different levels of cover and the renewal dates may be at different times of year. You also have the hassle and paperwork involved with arranging and administering several different insurance policies through different insurers.

A fleet insurance policy allows you to insure all your vehicles under one policy with one company. A range of different types of vehicle can be covered and it’s easy to add and remove vehicles from your policy as necessary. With an ‘any driver’ policy you can also ensure that any of your employees are insured to drive any of your vehicles. And, you’ll have just one payment, one point of contact and one proposal form to complete.

2. It can save you money

Many people find that fleet insurance is cheaper than insuring vehicles separately. Adding all your vehicles to one policy can result in significant cost savings when compared to taking out separate cover for each car, van or truck.

You should also shop around for fleet insurance. Dozens of providers offer this type of policy and you could find that you save a significant amount by shopping around for the best deal.

Fleet insurance has many benefits, even if you just have two or three vehicles. It can cut down on paperwork, allow you the flexibility to add and remove vehicles and necessary and save you money.